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At Accent Plumbing & Heating – Plumbing Heating & Cooling Services, we take pride in providing superior HVAC services. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your heating and cooling needs are met with the highest level of expertise and reliability.

HVAC Services By Accent Plumbing And Heating


Furnace Repair & Installation

Our expert technicians offer top-notch furnace repair and installation services to keep your home warm and cozy.
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Air Conditioning

AC Repair & Installation

When your AC needs fixing or a new unit, our skilled team provides reliable AC repair and installation solutions.
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Water Heaters

Water Heaters Repair & Installation

Trust us for efficient water heater repair and installation, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water at home.
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For Residential

Residential Services

Experience unparalleled residential HVAC services designed to maintain your indoor comfort year-round.
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Plumbing Services

From leaks to clogs, our plumbing services tackle all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.
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For Commercial

Commercial Services

Count on our experienced team for dependable commercial HVAC services to keep your business climate-controlled.
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Satisfied customers, have a say!

We needed a dishwasher replaced somewhat urgently in a basement suite. Ben was able to accommodate us within 24hrs to install the new dishwasher. He even took away the broken unit. Ben was clean, professional, and courteous. Would highly recommend Accent Plumbing and Heating.

If you have a plumbing issue - Ben is your guy! Great job, honest, punctual, fair and seamless experience. Would highly recommend Accent for all your plumbing needs!

Ben is phenomenal. Knows his stuff, cleans up, great service, often has the parts in his cube van and the invoice with detailed descriptions, photos and very reasonable prices laid out is second to none. You don’t see service and detailed information like this anymore! Very happy.

The advantages of using a professional HVAC service

When it comes to HVAC services in Calgary, Accent Plumbing & Heating – Plumbing  Heating & Cooling Services, stands out as your trusted partner. The advantages of choosing our professional HVAC service are numerous.

Firstly, our experienced team specializes in a wide array of HVAC solutions, including air conditioning and heating installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring your comfort in both residential and commercial spaces. We also provide expert duct cleaning services to enhance indoor air quality.

One of our standout features is the provision of free estimates, allowing you to plan your HVAC projects without financial surprises. In emergencies, we offer 24/7 assistance, guaranteeing that your heating and cooling systems will be swiftly restored to working order.

Regular maintenance by our professionals not only keeps your systems running efficiently but also extends their lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Accent Plumbing & Heating is your go-to choice for top-notch HVAC services, combining expertise, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience the difference today!

What is HVAC and why is it important?

In the heart of Calgary, Accent Plumbing & Heating – Plumbing  Heating & Cooling Services,  is your go-to HVAC expert, here to answer all your questions about HVAC and why it’s crucial for your comfort and well-being.

HVAC Defined: HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It encompasses all the systems that control the temperature, air quality, and comfort within your home or business space. These systems include furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers, and ventilation.

Importance of HVAC: The Alberta weather can be unforgiving, with scorching summers and freezing winters. Your HVAC system is your shield against the extremes. Properly functioning heating and cooling systems ensure a comfortable indoor environment year-round, making your space livable and productive. Beyond comfort, HVAC systems also contribute to indoor air quality, which directly impacts your health and well-being.

At Accent Plumbing & Heating, we understand the importance of HVAC and offer top-notch HVAC services to address all your heating and cooling needs. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to providing the best solutions for your HVAC issues, from installation and repairs to maintenance. We take pride in our reputation as one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Calgary.

Benefits of regular HVAC maintenance

When it comes to your HVAC system, regular maintenance is the key to efficiency, longevity, and cost savings. Accent Plumbing & Heating, your trusted HVAC experts in Calgary, explain the numerous benefits of prioritizing regular HVAC maintenance.

Enhanced Performance: Routine maintenance ensures that your heating and cooling systems work at their best, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your space.

Cost Savings: A well-maintained HVAC system operates more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. Plus, it prevents costly breakdowns and repairs down the road.

Extended Lifespan: Regular servicing prolongs the life of your HVAC equipment, protecting your investment.

Improved Air Quality: Maintenance includes cleaning or replacing filters, leading to better indoor air quality and a healthier living environment.

Warranty Compliance: Many HVAC manufacturers require regular maintenance to uphold warranty coverage.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your HVAC system is in top shape provides peace of mind, especially during the unpredictable Alberta weather.

Accent Plumbing & Heating is your reliable partner for all your HVAC needs in Calgary. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring your HVAC system works flawlessly year-round. Contact us for a quote or service call, and experience the Accent Plumbing & Heating difference in HVAC care. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

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Common HVAC problems and how to fix them

Common HVAC problems can be a real headache for both residential and industrial customers. When your heating or cooling system fails, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly.

One common issue is a malfunctioning furnace, which can lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures. For furnace repair or installation, reach out to a reputable HVAC company with positive customer reviews and a strong logo. They’ll provide an estimate and quote for the job, ensuring transparency in the pricing process.

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling as it should, HVAC technicians can diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution, from repairing the unit to suggesting energy-efficient products. Plus, they can guide you on available rebates in your area.

Don’t forget the hot water tank! If it’s causing you trouble, don’t wait for an emergency. Call the experts who know everything about heating systems, including heat pumps, to get it fixed.

The key here is excellent customer service, as the right HVAC company will walk you through the details of the repair or installation process. Trust the HVAC technicians – they’re the guys who can solve all your HVAC problems.

Types of HVAC systems We serve

At Accent Plumbing & Heating – Plumbing Heating & Cooling Services, we take pride in offering a wide range of HVAC systems to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. Our commitment to top-notch customer service is reflected in every way we serve you.

When it comes to heating and cooling, we specialize in various types of HVAC systems. Whether you’re in need of air conditioning installation, furnace installation, or heat pump solutions, we have you covered. Our team of experienced HVAC technicians is well-versed in all these systems and can guide you through the installation process.

We understand that pricing details matter, and we ensure transparency in every quote we provide. Plus, we stay updated on available rebates to help you maximize your savings.

Accent Plumbing & Heating is a name you can trust, and our logo symbolizes our dedication to quality. We’re the go-to choice for people seeking reliable heating system solutions. When you choose us, you’re choosing a company that values the finer details and is committed to making your HVAC experience a smooth and efficient one. Trust the guys at Accent Plumbing & Heating for all your HVAC needs.


At Accent Plumbing & Heating -Plumbing Heating & Cooling Services , our goal is crystal clear: WE REPAIR ALL Furnace and Air Conditioners MAKES & MODELS. No matter the situation, whether in homes or businesses across various areas of Canada, our dedicated HVAC contractors are here to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

From Daikin to Lennox, Trane, and more, our expert installers are well-versed in the latest technology and energy-efficient options to boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC units. We understand that financing can be a concern, so we offer flexible payment options to fit your budget.

When your air conditioning system or water heater needs repair, just give us a phone call. Our integrity-driven approach ensures you receive honest advice and a range of plumbing and HVAC repair options. Our impressive Google rating is a testament to the reasons why Calgarians and anyone else in need of HVAC services trust us.

We don’t just fix things; we make you a winner in the HVAC and plumbing industry, offering tips, advice, and solutions for all your HVAC and water softeners needs.


Welcome to the Accent Plumbing & Heating’s Topical Authority HVAC FAQ! Our expert team of technicians have put together a comprehensive guide to answer some common HVAC questions and provide you with all the information you need. Read on to find out more about air conditioning installation, furnace installation, heat pumps, rebates and much more!

The duration of the installation process depends on the size and complexity of the particular system. Typically, Accent Plumbing & Heating’s technicians can install a standard system within one day. However, larger systems or those with more intricate ductwork may require additional time. Our team of experienced technicians will provide you with an accurate estimate of the installation timeline before starting the work.

Accent Plumbing & Heating offers a range of air conditioning products to suit your needs, including split systems, packaged systems, mini-split systems, and ductless systems. Our team of technicians will work with you to determine the most suitable option for your home or business.

The lifespan of a furnace can vary depending on the make and model, as well as the frequency of maintenance. As a general rule of thumb, furnaces should be replaced after fifteen to twenty years. If your furnace is showing signs of wear and tear or struggling to keep up with your heating needs, it may be time to consider a replacement.

The cost of a new furnace installation will vary based on several factors, including the size of the unit, type of furnace, and complexity of the installation process. You can contact us for a custom quote.

Heat pump systems work by transferring heat between the outdoors and indoors to provide both heating and cooling. These systems are highly efficient and can save you money on your energy bills over time. Accent Plumbing & Heating offers a range of heat pump systems to suit your needs and budget.

Many utility companies offer rebates for new HVAC installations, including air conditioning, furnace, and heat pump systems. The available rebates vary depending on your location and the specific equipment installed. Our team at Accent Plumbing & Heating will work with you to identify available rebates and ensure you receive all applicable incentives.

When selecting an HVAC company, it is essential to consider factors such as experience, customer service, and pricing. At Accent Plumbing & Heating, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and value. Our team of technicians has years of experience working with a range of HVAC systems, and we always put the customer first.

There are several ways to boost the efficiency of your heating system, including regular maintenance and upgrades to more energy-efficient equipment. Accent Plumbing & Heating’s technicians can provide a full assessment of your heating system and recommend specific steps to enhance its performance.

Before contacting HVAC companies for a quote, it is crucial to gather information about your current equipment, the size and layout of your home or business, and your specific heating and cooling needs. Having this information on hand can help ensure that you receive an accurate and comprehensive quote.

At Accent Plumbing & Heating, our HVAC technicians are highly trained and experienced. We take pride in providing exceptional service and putting the customer first in every interaction. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Common HVAC issues can include faulty thermostats, clogged filters, and malfunctioning components. These issues can often be resolved through regular maintenance and tune-ups, as well as repairs or replacements when needed. Accent Plumbing & Heating’s technicians can diagnose and resolve a wide range of HVAC issues to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Accent Plumbing & Heating offers a comprehensive range of HVAC services, from installation to repair and maintenance. Our team of technicians is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional service and support. We take pride in our work and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.